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Mr. Enes Haşıloğlu, General Manager of Demas Makine, answered questions of Fair World Home Textile for our Evteks issue.

Mr. Enes Haşıloğlu, General Manager of Demas Makine, answered questions of Fair World Home Textile for our Evteks issue.

Q - Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background and company profile?

I'm Enes Haşıloğlu, General Manager of Demas Makine. I graduated from the school of economics

My main profession is jewelry. We also carry on manufacturing of machinery as father's profession. The company has a history of more than 40 years. We have been operating under the name of Demas since 2012.

Q - When and how was Demas established?

It was established by my father, me and my wife in the last quarter of 2012, with a snap decision, resigning the family business.

Q Could you talk about Demas's set-up?

As I mentioned before, we, as a family company, were in the textile machinery business for more than 40 years. But as you know, unfortunately family companies' life cannot be long-lasting in Turkey. That's why we decided to resign from the family business and established Demas in the last quarter of 2012.

Aydın Demirci, my father-in-law, is Board Chairman of the company. He is also responsible of foreign trade and overseas customer relations. He is abroad for most part of the year because we have an office in China. Feyzan Haşıloğlu, my wife, works as finance and personnel manager.

Q - How and where do you manufacture your products?

We operate in a closed area of 2000 sqm in Gürsü Organized Industrial Zone in the western city of Bursa. All products are manufactured by our own engineers and technology within the company.  The entire materials, expect stockpile we used for machinery, are produced by Demas.

Q - What kind of product do you sell and what are their features?

We manufacture machines such as fabric quality control machine, fabric folding machine, cloth expanding, fabric cutting machine and fabric packaging machine for textile industry.

Q - Do you have any newly developed products? If you have, could you tell us about its usage area and features?

As required by company policy, we aim to become an innovative and forward looking company finding solutions that meets industry's needs. In this regard, it becomes a serious need for the industry to ensure the cutting of fabric accurately and swiftly. So as Demas, we manufacture dry, heated, ultrasonic and laser fabric cutting machines in order to meet the need.

Q - Do you have any joint project with TUBITAK or other councils about your company and products?

We developed the patterned fabric cutting machine with camera control system using laser technology in a cooperation with TUBITAK.

Q - Innovation is regarded as a significant ring to increase sustainability and value performance in export. Do you invest enough in innovative activities?

Of course we do. I don't think that companies which don't attach enough important to innovation can survive in the long term. The price and service competition is not like in the past. Now there are competition based on innovation and technology. So you don't pay enough attention to innovative works, you cannot exist in the future.

Q - Do you any activities related to training of the employees?

Of course we have, there are some activities both in-house and outside.

Q - Do you participate in domestic or overseas exhibitions? Can you talk about importance of this kind of event?

For a machinery manufacturer, exhibitions are the best way to introduce itself in a foreign market it never entered before.

We follow closely all events involving domestic and foreign industries. We attend all machinery exhibitions as far as possible and also follow events which our customers participate in Turkey and abroad.

Q - Do you export, if so, what products do you export?

Yes, we export mainly fabric folding machine, ultrasonic fabric cutting machine, fabric quality control machine and fabric packaging machine using direct marketing or agencies abroad.

You have to have a vision to be a long-lasting and successful company in the business world. So what kind of vision do you set for your company?

This company established by our grandfather reached to a certain level through efforts of the second generation. We, as third generation, work with a professional management and very experienced staff in order to reinforce our power in the global markets.

As a company manufacturing in Turkey, our goal is to determine areas that the industry needs mechanization but any machine is not developed to meet this need and to manufacture machines to fill the gap.

Q - Why is quality such an important issue for a company, what do you think of concept of quality?

We, as a company competing in the big leagues of business, attach great important to quality. You are positioned in the market by quality you manufacture. As Demas, our production is fully compatible with the European Standards.

Q - What are features that distinguish Demas from others in today's strict competition?

The most significant feature of Demas is that it is able to transfer its strong experience to machinery and it means a perfect machine production. The hardest aspect of manufacturing business is that customer cannot attain the expected result and have problems with it. If a machine doesn't work without troubles in a demanded way, your machine is just a scrap. Distinctive feature of Demas is here, when we get a machine order, first we designate machine the customer needs, that means a hassle-free machine. Also we have a strong after-sale service network. We return to any demand for technical service at the latest. So it gives us a privilege.

Q - Which countries do you export to and could you tell us about your export potential?

Right now, we are exporting 60 percent of our production, the 40 percent is sold to the domestic market. Our exporting markets are mainly UK, Spain and Italy, as well as Egypt, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and USA. We also export to China at a substantial level.

We are our customers' preferred manufacturer of machine because we have an office there for years.

Q - Are there any problem you face when exporting, if so, what are these problem and what do you think of solutions to them.

Naturally we face some problems. We have problems with the customs in the South America. Also Egypt increased unnecessary processes or procedures recently, so it extends the process of export increasing the costs.

The government should provide some provide conveniences for exporters in line with the country's trade policy. The customs legislation should be reviewed and officials have to make legislation more supportive for trade.

Q - What do you think of Turkey's position in the manufacturing machine.

I think that Turkey is in a good position in the manufacturing textile machinery because our products are manufactured to European quality standards and at pretty reasonable prices. We have to take the advantage of it.

Q - How was the year 2016 for your company and what are your expectations for 2017?

It grew by 50 percent last year. We aim to have a 50 percent growth for 2017 through machines produced recently. One of our products are manufactured by only DEMAS in the world. Again another product, a purpose built machine, have high sale numbers.

Q - What is the biggest problem for you When you look at the industry. 

Right now, chronic problem for manufacturers is not to find a qualified employee. Unfortunately, we have difficulty in finding mechanic turner, welder and assembly personnel to employ. I think that we have got to do whatever it takes to train intermediate staff about it.

Q - Could you tell us about your next projects and future goals?

Our most important future goal is to determine needs of the industry and develop machines to fill this gap. When you have such a target policy, you go out of the ordinary, standard machines, it becomes satisfying both commercially and because you lead a new area, so we follow very closely all fairs all over the world and customer points of interest.

Q - What can you, as Demas, tell about future of the sector?

The future is looking bright for the sector. Companies that can be adapted itself to the change, get into new markets and feel to be ready for new demands by customers are prepared for the future.

Q - Is there anything else you want to add?

Remember, too, the easiest way to drop behind is to make no headway in a rapidly changing world. So we will make customer satisfied working hard, manufacturing quality products. Only then you will become a preferred company.



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