Mr. İbrahim Akyıldız, owner of Ustaoğlu Tekstil, answered questions of Fair World Home Textile for our Evteks issue.

Q - You opened a research and development (R&D) center recently. What kind of contribution will it be making to the country?

As a company, we have never thought in just one-way, we strive to research our business in many ways as innovative and open for game-changing ideas. We are highly interested in "Technical Textile" in the recent period. We think that an R&D center is indispensible to move forward rapidly and feel deeply innovative thinking. We regard these investments and studies as a long running marathon.  Turkey needs certainly this sort of works so that it can get ahead in the global competition in the future.


Q - You have a wide customer network in Europe. What are you doing to maintain your customer portfolio?

We are always on the move. I and my team meet with customers to tell about the innovations thanks to trips abroad at least 1-2 times a month apart from exhibitions. What is more, of course, the customer satisfaction is above all. Quality control in all stages of production from buying yarn to final packaging is of vital importance for us.


Q - How do you interpret the point where Turkish home textile industry is today?

Unfortunately, I don't find it sufficient. Countries making a foray into the market in much later than us, I am sorry to say that, they are almost in the same level with us.

I think that Turkey must take advantages of its physical and cultural proximity to Europe

For our country, we work hard and heartily like everybody else in Turkey for this target.

Also we have to work harder about branding. I believe that we need to leap forward as the national textile industry making joint ventures with Europe's well-known brands or through acquisitions.


Q - You have to have a vision to be a long-lasting and successful company in the business world. So what kind of vision did you set as LILIUM?

Answer of this question is actually in the answer I gave to your first question

We rely on P&D and R&D teams comprising a large portion of the white collar staff and support them at all points. The most important aspect of company vision is innovative and game-changing idea.

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Mr. Hasan Moral, President of Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone Industrialist and Businessmen Organization (DOSABSIAD) answered our questions for Evteks issue.
Mr. Hasan Moral, President of Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone Industrialist and Businessmen Organization (DOSABSIAD) answered our questions for Evteks issue.
Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013 02:57

Q -Can you tell us about new trends of Moral that shows a strong performance in the European markets?

Published: Saturday, 14 May 2016 02:57

After its remarkable success story of EVTEKS fair Istanbul Trade Fairs , an affiliate of CNR Holding, will be organizing the 5th edition of HOME&TEX. It reveals the most covetable names in home fashion with a more enriched content on 25 - 28 October 2017.

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