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’Mr. Erol Türkün, CEO of Türkün Holding, answered our questions about their products and alternative markets because of troubles in the Russian market.’’

Q - What can you tell us about your 2016 trends for Vanelli putting in a strong performance in European markets?

E.T. - We as Vanelli, attend four exhibitions in a year. For these events, we put together new collections that consist of 300 pieces and you can classify them as European market, Russian market and American market. Even in Europe, different countries take care of different collections, different colours. So, you have to make new collections in a wide variety of styles.Each country has its own unique characteristics, so we design patterns considering their trends and colours. In recent years, fabrics with landscape prints or nature-inspired patterns and their various colours draw interest especially in Russia and eastern countries. We also strive to make differences in touchings of fabric. Washed, soft, wool looking fabrics... You can see them as novelties that we regard as trend right now.

Q - What do you expect from Proposte 2016 that you will attend, in terms of meeting customer's expectation and demands?

E.T. - Proposte is a significant event for us. Highly distinguished exhibitor and visitors come to Italy. It is which makes Proposte stand out from Heimtextil. In Heimtextil, you can see all sorts of buyers from all countries. But more high level buyers that we can say 'more upper class' come to Proposte. What it is important for us is Americans. All of our European customers attend already as visitors in this event. I wish our Russian customers could attend there but the Russian economy faces a crisis that all of us knew about it.

Q - Are you interested in Iran as an alternative market? Also are you looking for new markets because of the crisis between Turkey and Russia?

E.T. - In addition to Russian sanctions against Turkey, it is also important that Turkey has its own economic problems.The current political troubles with Russia, plus the domestic economic problems, of course, have been seriously affecting not only Textile industry but all sorts of sectors from fresh fruits to tourism. Its influence will be felt until summer.Naturally I wish that our officials would reduce the tension and revert our old friendly relations between two countries. In this sense, it seems that there are a few developments. We all hope our old relations with Russia will revive same as before.As part of seeking new markets, even it is not enough; we have some presence in Iran. We expect some developments there in terms of reviving trade with Iran after the lifting of sanctions on Tehran. But as alternative markets, North African countries are much more important for us. It seems that these regions have more business mobility.We continue to strengthen our presence in US, striving to compensate in this region the loss in Russian market. Our staff travels frequently to United States, we get some good result, I hope it will be more fruitful.Turkish home textile has been really delivering a strong performance in keeping pace with the world about R&D. It is possible to see novelties, innovations of Turkish manufacturers at all fairs we attend. It shows that in the future, Turkish home textile industry will be more active in the world's markets.


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Mr. Hasan Moral, President of Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone Industrialist and Businessmen Organization (DOSABSIAD) answered our questions for Evteks issue.
Mr. Hasan Moral, President of Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone Industrialist and Businessmen Organization (DOSABSIAD) answered our questions for Evteks issue.
Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013 02:57

Q -Can you tell us about new trends of Moral that shows a strong performance in the European markets?

Published: Saturday, 14 May 2016 02:57

After its remarkable success story of EVTEKS fair Istanbul Trade Fairs , an affiliate of CNR Holding, will be organizing the 5th edition of HOME&TEX. It reveals the most covetable names in home fashion with a more enriched content on 25 - 28 October 2017.

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