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FAIRWORLD | 2017 - HomeTex | İstanbul#78

FAIRWORLD | 2017 - HomeTex | İstanbul#78

HomeTex, held for the purpose of increasing export of home textile and decoration industries reveals the most coveted names in home fashion industry with a more enriched content.

As you know, Turkish home textile is being shown as a model in the world through its outstanding success in setting design, production, service and fashion.

Our fair organizations make significant contributions to the industry. Companies make progress in the way of branding thanks to these exhibitions. 

The first two edition of Home&Tex were a very successful, had a better than expected results. I believe absolutely that next ones will host greater and successful organizations in terms of concept, promotion and meeting with buyers.

The first two years, it was expected visitors from especially Middle East, Far East and Russia but it achieved also to attract a considerable amount of buyers from Europe.

I think if it can keep up this momentum, HomeTex will be one of the most demanded events in the region and world in the near future.

On the other hand, it is so important that it is a showcase for curtain drapery sellers. So I think participants in the sector will leave happily from the show.

The fair is also very significant for Turkey, that's, domestic market as well as increasing the export. In this sense, Home&Tex addresses to local buyers and sellers.

With Evteks, it makes Turkish home textile more powerful in the international arena, of course, it is not only because of fair organizations, but also innovation, and other success criterions in production make contribution to this power.

We are one of the most effective players shaping market, so I don't think that the sector will suffer any more of crisis in our some markets.  I wish success to all.

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Published: Saturday, 14 May 2016 02:57

After its remarkable success story of EVTEKS fair Istanbul Trade Fairs , an affiliate of CNR Holding, will be organizing the 5th edition of HOME&TEX. It reveals the most covetable names in home fashion with a more enriched content on 25 - 28 October 2017.

Vanelli Collection
Vanelli Collection
Published: Tuesday, 19 July 2016 02:57

We prepare main collections to present at international fairs such as Heimtex Germany, Mood Brussells, Como Villa Paravicini, Intertextile Shanghai, Evteks Istanbul.

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